Who is Fabianne Hayashida’s husband and how long have they been together? [VIDEO]

A unique love story. In times of pandemic, many relationships decided to take a step forward and marry ‘until death do them part’, that is the case of Fabianne Hayashisa and Mario Rangel, of whom in this special note from The popular we will tell you a little more. How did they fall in love and who is the husband of the ‘China‘? Find out about that and more HERE.

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Who is Fabianne Hayashida’s husband and what is known about their relationship?

To start and as we anticipated at the beginning of this article, his name is Mario Rangel and studied the career of Fisheries Engineering at the La Molina National Agrarian University. He is currently the founder-manager of the Purifisa Global Peru company, which he created in 2014.

But, that’s not all, because he is also a partner in a Peruvian sportswear brand that the ex-reality girl Fabianne Hayashida has with his wife, the same one that despite the pandemic they were able to move forward.

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How did Fabianne Hayashida and Mario Rangel meet?

The popular ‘Chinese’ Combat She revealed that she had already met her current husband before and that it was a friend who told her that he was interested in her. She highlighted that what she liked the most about him was how polite he was with her. “I had already seen him through photos, but when I got to the disco, I greeted him and he was all nervous. But they had already told me about him, I knew who he was, what his family was like, he seemed good to me. He was very polite with me and I liked that”, he revealed to ‘Moloko TV’.

It was in the year 2021 that they both decided to take the next step in their lives and get married after four years of relationship, so it is believed that it was there in 2018 that they met him and they began their romance. “When you told me to be in love, you promised to take care of me, encourage me to be better and make me the happiest woman in the world and you fulfilled it,” dictated the post with which Fabianne Hayashida announced their engagement.

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What did Fabianne Hayashida say about her time at Combate?

The ‘China‘ de Combate recalled in a fun podcast how his arrival was like in one of the most successful youth spaces on Peruvian television as it was at the time “Combat“, and he assured without hesitation that it was one of the most beautiful stages of his life, an opinion that his partner and friend Mario Irivarren also share.

“It was two and a half years, for me they were incredible… I was with the cool little people… It was incredible things, for me it was a wonderful time, I was really very happy…”, commented Fabianne Hayashida, before what the member of This is war He added: “I was also happy in those times, they say that all times were better.”