Who is Francesco Méndez, the new illusion of Andrea San Martín and why was he involved with Nicole Akari?

Andrea San Martín, is in a beautiful stage of her life, because weeks ago she published a video in which she kissed a young man younger than her by name, Francesco Méndez. After she confirmed her separation with Sebastián Lizarzaburu, father of one of her little daughters.

Andrea’s new love would not be far from Peruvian television, as she currently works for the competition program “This is war”, issued by america television. Find out more about this new character, in this note from El Popular.

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Who is Francesco Mendez?

In 2018 he made his debut on television by being presented as a dancer in the well-remembered program “artist of the year“, conducted by Gisela Valcárcel. It was there that Andrea’s current partner showed their skills on stage.

Then Francesco entered the reality show “divas this is war”, dancing with the members of the program “EGG” in 2019, but he only stayed in the contest for a couple of months: “They were 2 intense months in which I learned a lot. From the first day that I agreed to be here, I knew that I would not regret it, and so it was. I had an amazing time. I met wonderful people, my colleagues, and my boss A1, the kind that you will never forget, the kind that leave their soul for what they do so that everything goes well, thank you,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Currently, he works in the competition program “This is war”, as production staff, in which he supports in assembling the games and is a referee in the competition games of the ‘warriors’ and ‘combatants’.

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Where was the video of the kiss between Andrea and Francesco published?

It was through the official Instagram account of Francesco Mendez, where they had fun at a social gathering in Punta Hermosa. Andrea reposted said publication on her platforms, confirming that the two maintain a loving bond.

What happened between Nicole Akari and Francesco Mendez?

In the “Love and Fire” program, Nicole Akari revealed that she has known Andrea San Martín’s current partner for years: “I don’t know why images from a long time ago are coming out. If I know him, obviously I know him, but I have not had anything with him, ”said Nicole where she also revealed that Francesco flirted with her years ago.