Who is Guillermo Guille and why does Andrés Hurtado hold such a grudge against him?

In the last program on April 15, 2023, the host Andrés Hurtado showed his most intimate side by revealing that a person from his past caused him so much damage that caused wounds difficult to healit is about Guillermo Guille, who passed away years ago.

In “Today is Saturday with Andrés” they decided to invite the pastor Fabio Uberna, who is the son of the deceased, generating a conversation in which he ended up giving emotional advice on forgiveness and the importance of living without rancor. Who is Guillermo Guille? Find out here.

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Who was Guillermo Guille?

His name is Guillermo Enrique Ubierna Vasquezalthough he is better known as Guillermo Guille, born in Argentina in 1939 and died in Peru in 2008, due to an acute myocardial infarction during the early hours of December, when he was 69 years old.

He was a television writer, director, and producer who became known for working on sketches for traveling comics in the 1980s. He was one of the people in charge of making the programs “Laughter and Sauce”“Hello Gisela”, “Risas de América”, among others.

It is known that the producer managed to make artists who are still valid up to now become famous such as: Gisela Valcárcel, Janet Barboza and Laura Bozzo. About his personal life, in 1998 he married Mary Chumbe and came to have 9 children.

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Why did Andrés Hurtado have a grudge against Guillermo Guille?

In his interview with Guillermo Guille’s son, the driver ended up expressing his feelings and confessing that he suffered a lot when he began his career in Pan American Televisiongenerating feelings of hatred in his heart.

Without any fear, he ended by remembering that he suffered in the past: “I always hated your father. He is a man, he hurt me on this television set, he made me suffer a lot and I tried to kill myself for everything he did to me and now it was my turn to me interview you,” he said.

“They have asked me to forget it, but I can’t forget or excuse it. Your father was the creator of important artists in the country, but he mistreated me, humiliated me, destroyed my life. There were moments when I cried and asked him to God not to return to television”, although The Shepherd he tried to explain that his hatred was only going to make him suffer.

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In which program did Andrés Hurtado work with Guillermo Guille?

It was on the show “Laughter and Sauce”during the years 1994 to 1996, a time in which Andrés Hurtado began in comedy with the imitation of characters of the moment in sketches for the entertainment schedule.

Some of the characters that the host had to interpret are: Keiko Fujimori (as the first lady of Peru), Camucha Negrete, Yola Polastri and soap opera characters such as María Mercedes and clear light.