Who is José Martín and what is his relationship with Renato Tapia and Daniela Castro?

Renato Tapia is in the eye of the storm, after the program of Magaly Tv The Firmthe same Magaly Medinawill reveal that the athlete, who is with Andrea Cordero, would have a six-year-old son out of wedlock with Daniela Castro. However, there would be another person who played a very important role in all this controversy, and he is the cousin of the Peruvian national team José Martín Alva.

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Who is José Martín Alva?

Yesterday morning, the same Magaly Medina announced his return with a big bomb for his program, indicating that it would be a loved one, but nobody imagined that it would be from the Peruvian team Renato Tapia, who until now would not have legally recognized his 6-year-old son. However, she sent him a pension.

The little boy’s mother Daniela Castro He was the one who made the public complaint, but he also gave the name of another person who would be involved and, it would be Jose Martin Alvawho is the athlete’s cousin and would have been imposed on him as the person responsible for taking care of her together, at least, so much so that he had to live with him, but not everything was what it seems, because his role in the midst of all the scandal would have been control it.

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What link does José Martín have with Renato Tapia and Daniela Castro?

In accordance with Daniela Castrothe role of the cousin of Renato Tapia, Jose Martin Alvawould not have been in charge of taking care of her and being the link with the athlete, but also the person in charge of taking care of what was uploaded on her social networks, especially in the post where the 6-year-old appeared, who was the spitting image of the selected Peruvian.

“As time passed, I realized that my cousin was there to control me, because I couldn’t upload photos to social networks or lead my life,” he said. Daniela Castrowho lived for four years with Jose Martin Alva.

It was only in 2020 that Daniela decided to take courage to be able to get legal advice on the whole matter that was happening and to give Renato Tapia an ultimatum so that he can responsibly watch over his 6-year-old son, or else, he was going to take the measures that are necessary to achieve it.