Who is Juan Yamasaki, Eva Ayllón’s ex-husband, and why did their love story end?

Eva Ayllón is one of the most important Creole singers in Peru, due to her extensive musical career. However, despite having great success in music, the same does not happen with her love experiences, since she had several disappointments. One of her ex-partners is John Yamasaki, with whom he shared 35 years of his life. Here we will tell you everything about the man who once stole her heart.

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Who is Juan Yamasaki?

As we mentioned before, Eva Ayllón was married to John Yamasakia Peruvian musician with whom he shared 35 years of his life and together they conceived Carlos Yamasaki, the artist’s eldest son.

The Creole singer and Yamasaki were married in 2005, but their marriage did not last very long, because in 2007 they decided to separate and each one continued with their lives. She focused on music and her children, and he living in the United States.

In 2013, after their first grandchild was born, they both decided to give themselves one more chance at love. “As God is perfect and is never wrong; who says that three years after divorce, my grandson is born and we meet again with my husband. It was as if we had never separated,” she said. Eve.

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Why is the love story between Eva Ayllón and Juan Yamasaki over?

After Eva Ayllon Y John Yamasaki They gave themselves one more chance at love, they separated again and this time forever. Although the artist never told what was the reason for her last separation, she confessed a few years ago that her divorce was due to the trips she made.

ayllon She narrated that she always wanted to be a housewife, but her career did not allow it, so she decided to tell her ex-husband that it was best to separate and he would find happiness elsewhere.

“For all the things we’ve talked to Juan, I have put the ring back on. He plans to take me to the United States to get married (when they reconciled). It could be, but I have told him that no one moves me from Peru. It’s that my marriage failed because I’m an artist and I travel a lot,” he confessed. Eve.

Juan Yamasaki and Eva Ayllon. Photo: GLR Archive

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Eva Ayllón’s ex-partner did not want to have her second child

Eva Ayllon In an interview with D-Day, he told a secret passage in his life that only very few knew. The father of her second son did not want to have it, so the singer wanted to end her life and that of her little ones, but in the end she narrates that God always protected them.

“I was pregnant and I was very ashamed because my son’s father did not want to have him. (…) One day I got in the car, tied Carlos up, tied myself up and hit the road. I accelerated until my son told me he was afraid. I had my eyes closed. (…) I wanted to kill myself,” said the Creole.