Who is Julia Puig and why has she been linked to Gerard Piqué?

After the commotion caused by Shakira and the launch of the “Music session #53″ with the producer Bizarrap, the theme of the breakup of Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer has come out again in flow. However, in Spain there is talk of an alleged link between the Spanish athlete and a young woman named Julia Puig. This, after a publication by the controversial journalist Jordi Martin, who has been reporting news about the Colombian singer and the father of her children for years.

Gerard Piqué’s friend told the reasons why she was at the ex-soccer player’s and Shakira’s house that day. Photo: diffusion/networks/AFP

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Who is Julia Puig?

The little that is known about Julia Puig It is because of their publications on their networks. However, now his accounts are private after his name was made public.

On his Instagram profile, where he has more than 25,000 followersthe young woman describes herself as a person who has a Master’s Degree in Economic Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance. Currently, I would live in Barcelona. In addition, as seen in some photographs, she would like to travel and spend time with his friends.

Julia Puig

Julia Puig is linked to Gerard Piqué. Photo: Instagram/ Julia Puig.

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Why are you linked to Piqué and Julia Puig?

The name of Julia Puig Gali has jumped to the covers of entertainment media after the well-known Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin upload the girl’s profile and a text personally addressed to Gerard Piqué, who would know the lawyer, to his Instagram stories. However, the exBarcelona has not yet ruled on the matter.

Do you know her, Gerard? Then, do not be surprised that Shakira throws the whole world on top of you“, wrote. Due to the exposure of her account, the person involved decided to make it private, which further ignited speculation in the Spanish media because, apparently, after the premiere of the Colombian song, the relationship with Clara Chía would have cooled. .

Jordi Martin

The paparazzi Jordi Martin uploaded a message for Gerard Piqué to his stories. Photo: Instagram/ Jordi Martin.

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Who is the woman who appeared behind Piqué in a video?

A person close to the environment Gerard Piqué Y Clara Chia He came out to clarify the fact and assured that she was the person who was with Piqué during a streaming on Twitch. The woman is called Anna Tormo Mampel and she is a close friend of the businessman, for this reason, she wanted to defend her colleague and told why she was in that room that day.

Gerard Piqué

Anna Tormo defended Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí from accusations. Photo: Twitter

Piqué arrived aboard a Twingo at one of his sporting events

As is known, since before he left football Gerard Piqué was already engaged in his business ventures and now after his retirement this has been accentuated. For this reason, the former defender recently inaugurated the Kins League along with other famous youtubers such as Ibai Llanos.

And given the controversy over Shakira’s recent song with Bizarrap, the former Barcelona arrived at this event aboard a Twingo, as the Colombian compared this car with her relationship with the Spaniard and her current partner, Clara Chía Martí.

Gerard Piqué arriving in a Twingo to the Kings League

Gerard Piqué arriving in a Twingo at the Kings League. Photo: Twitter/Kings League

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What does Clara Chía’s father think about Shakira’s new song?

The controversy that has arisen around the release of the new song by Shakira and Bizarrap has splashed Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí for the verses and hidden mentions that the song has towards these two characters.

On this, Clara Chía’s father sent his opinion through the journalist Mayte Atmella. As indicated by the press woman, Clara Chía’s state of mind in the face of her accusations is good. “Clara Chía’s father is divine, he says that he doesn’t like this type of music at all, that he listens to classical music, and that he’s more into Bach and Vivaldi, and that he doesn’t frequent bars. Regarding your daughter, she has told us that she is surely very well”, he referred.


The singer Shakira did not save anything in her collaboration with Bizarrap and attacked Piqué and Clara Chía. “He has the name of a good person, clearly it’s not what it sounds like”, she hears herself. Photo: LR Composition

Composer of “Music session #53″ reveals that they took away “strong things” from the lyrics

Given the commotion that Shakira’s shooting of her ex-partner Gerard Piqué has generated, the co-author of “Music session #53″ spoke up to tell an unknown fact about the composition of the song. As indicated by Keityn, Shakira and he had to remove some risque verses due to the consequences that this could bring.

We remove strong things. We change parts because then things could happen. We were looking for the exact point, without going too farbut it doesn’t sound smooth either. That I’m worth two out of 22, for example, would never have occurred to me. It was hers, ”said the composer.

Shakira could not say everything she thinks about Gerard Piqué in her Session #53

Shakira couldn’t say everything she thinks about Gerard Piqué in her Session #53. Photo: LR composition/ Youtube capture/ @keityn/Instagram

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met again after launching with Bizarrap

Shakira and Gerard Piqué met again in the midst of the controversy that has arisen over the launch of the new song by the Colombian singer with Bizarrap. The ex-soccer player showed up at the singer’s house to pick up her little ones and the press saw the opportunity to approach him. However, at all times, Piqué was reluctant to talk to the press. International media also reported that he spent a long time waiting for his little ones on the street.