Who is July Pinedo, the driver who competed with Gisela Valcárcel in the 90’s [FOTO]

The television presenter is Gisela Valcárcel, she is one of the best-known faces of Peruvian television and who has managed to win over her audience throughout all the years of her career, but there was a time when another Peruvian host tried and sought to take away her throne of the ‘queen of midday’, it is about Julius Pinedo, and here in this note The popular We will give you more details about her and what happened to her life.

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Who is July Pinedo, who competed with Gisela Valcárcel in the 90’s?

After the “Aló con Gisela” program, hosted by the popular ‘Señito’, went off the air, the Pan American Television tried to prevent viewers from dropping their programming, so they decided to find a possible replacement in the noon slot, and watched on Julius Pineda, an already well-known morning presenter, an opportunity.

The space he led trying to match the success of Gisela Valcarcel it was called “Noon Show“, which was broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12:30 and which competed directly with the new space of the ‘blonda’ host in America Television. However, the reception would have been elusive and after two years of broadcast its cancellation was announced at the end of 1994.

July Pinedo had gained great fame as host of the “Mañanero” program, where she presented and interviewed cumbia and chicha music figures. Time after and after the exit of the air from “Noon Show” before Gisela’s return to Pan American Television and with the arrival of her children she moved away from the world of chollywood. She also had a brief foray into shows as a dancer and comedic actress, and her final job, in which she would perform until today, would be that of voiceover.

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What did Gisela Valcárcel do after leaving Panamericana Televisión?

The directors and viewers were very surprised in 1993 when “Hello Gisela” announced that she would not return on Panamericana Televisión, but that was not all, because the popular blonde was presented as the new figure of America Televisionwhere she also became the ‘queen of midday’ with her program “Gisela en América”.

However, after two years on the air on channel 4, Gisela Valcarcel ended his contract with said channel and did not hesitate to return to the ranks of 5, where he began with his new dance projects and talents, in what we now know as “The big show”of which it is worth remembering, it has already been announced that it will return in 2022 after the final of “The Great Star”.