Who is Kyle Landi, the first bodybuilder with Down syndrome who shocked the world?

Bodybuilding has a new name! Kyle Landi He is one of the athletes with trisomy 21 who is dedicated to this discipline and, thanks to his effort and dedication, he is standing out with medals and invitations to special events. Learn HERE the story of the first bodybuilder with Down syndrome.

Who is Kyle Landi?

Kyle Landi is the first Canadian bodybuilder with Down syndrome to compete in the discipline. According to the magazine Men’s Healththe first time he competed in the branch was in the Pure Muscle event.

“We are overwhelmed with the love and support you have shown Kyle and our family”said those close to the young athlete, after his historic debut.

Kyle Landi won the Pure Muscle event, his first competition. Photo: Instagram/greenrangerkyle

Kyle Landi: which celebrity did you meet and invite to your tournament?

Kyle Landi’s work and performances caught the eye of famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This artist made him a special invitation to be part of the Arnold Classic # 35, his bodybuilding event.

Kyle Landi participated in the event number 35 of the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: Instagram/ArnoldSports

“For years Arnold has preached his message that exercise is for EVERYONE and this weekend Kyle proved that it really is.”communicated the social networks of the event led by the actor.

Likewise, the fans showed their support and joy towards Landi for his perseverance and dedication to the sport in which he has marked a milestone.

What does Kyle Landi do outside of bodybuilding?

Kyle is famous on social networks after achieving a milestone in history. On his Instagram account, he accumulates 141 thousand followers; In addition, he shares images of his training and competitions.

The young man also ventures into the world of modeling and acting.