Who is Lucho Rovegno, father of Alessia and ex-partner of Bárbara Cayo?

Since the reality boy Hugo García was supported by the Amor y Fuego cameras in a compromising situation with the model Alessia Rovegno, after the same program realized that Patricio Parodi’s best friend constantly liked him to their posts on Instagram.

Until, the happy couple surprised all their followers by spending Christmas together and did not hesitate to publish tender photos, thus showing how much in love they are. But, very few know the family of the promising young model, who has already ventured into Victorias Secret.

To begin with, Alessia’s mother is the Peruvian actress and singer Bárbara Cayo, while, his father is the owner of the Baguetería Pastelería Rovegno, Lucho Rovegno. She has two sisters, one of whom belongs to the socialites and is a star on social media.

For her part, Arianna Rovengo, Alessia’s sister, published some photographs of her parents when they were young. From her Instagram account, Barbara’s young daughter showed how the Peruvian singer was in her young days.

“God! My sister was a girl. So pretty and your dad so churro. There are loves that stay deep down, how tattooed deep down and come alive when you see your children grow up with so much of one. Fat kiss ! “, published Fiorella Cayo, Barbara’s sister.

Who is Alessia Rovegno, a young woman who was caught at a party with the reality boy

Alessia Rovegno She is the daughter of actress Bárbara Cayo and Lucho Rovegno, who works as a model, singer and dancer. A few months ago he published a new single called ‘Un Amor Como el Nuestro’, together with producer Bernardo Ossa. The video of the subject is published on YouTube and already has more than 42 thousand views and more than a thousand ‘likes’.

What’s more, Alessia let see in your account Instagram that he loves to go on a trip and his photos show that he was in Miami enjoying the beaches. On the other hand, it is also known that the model is a very homely person and close to her parents and sister.