Who is Luigui Cruz, the Peruvian who triumphs in Mexico as an imitator of José José?

Luis Cruz, imitator of José José has a history of perseverance and struggle to conquer dreams. In Peru, he managed to lift the cup of “I am: new generation” and now in Mexico he seeks to become the new champion of “El challenger”. He knows who the young man is and how he got to be a part of character shows.

Luigui Cruz began his musical career at a very young age, at the age of 13. Born in Callao, the artist appeared for the first time in the casting of “Yo soy kids”. Because of his great resemblance, he was able to enter the competition.

He passed the first two rounds, surprising the jurors. However, she was unable to get over the fence in the third round.

In 2021, after a few years preparing his imitation to perfect details, he returned to a new edition of the contest. Indeed, with the same character.

In the video of his presentation he mentioned that he came back for his rematch. “It is a dream to be here. The fact of being a challenger, for me, is a new experience and a new opportunity”, said the boy.

The little imitator established himself as the brand new winner of the season of “I am: new generation”. Upon hearing his name, he couldn’t hold back tears of emotion.

“I want to thank God, blessed be the man who puts his trust in God. I put my trust in him and I succeeded. I want to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning. Thank you very much for this win,” he said back then.

Recently, he traveled to Mexico to participate in the reality show “The Challenger” competition program that combines disciplines such as dance, singing and imitation.

In one of her interventions, she managed to beat the champion Verónica Linares, imitator of Rocío Durcal. In this way, she was able to take over the imitation throne.

“It is a big step in my career as an artist. I did not imagine being in the city of my idol, José José. I want to thank you for the support I have. Every Thursday they are professionals”, were the words of Luigui after achieving the feat.