Who is Luis Manuel, the singer of Group 5 who moved the jury of “La voz Perú”?

Luis Manuel Valdiviezo Sanchez One of the singers of Group 5 surprised his followers by revealing, through his social networks, that he was going to return to “La voz Perú” after a few years of auditioning on the Latina singing program. “After nine years I return to # LaVozPerú in search of my biggest dream,” he wrote on Facebook.

The return of Luis Manuel Valdiviezo to “La voz Perú” was for everything great. Before the end of the program on Monday, January 16, Latina cast the blind audition of the norteño, who decided to captivate the jury with the song “Te vas”, a song that is usually sung by the group led by Christian Yaipén.

Eva Ayllón Raúl Romero, Maricarmen Marín and Mauricio Mesones were impressed from the first musical notes, which is why there was a double blockade. In the end, those who could not fight for the voice of Luis Manuel were the Creole artist and the cumbia singer.

According to the images of Latina, Eva Ayllón was the one who blocked Maricarmen Marín and Mauricio Mesones pressed his button against the interpreter of “Mal paso”. Finally, the singer of Group 5 stayed in the Mesones team.

Luis Manuel Valdiviezo Sánchez, who has been in Group 5 for almost eight years, indicated that his family encouraged him to return to “La voz Perú” despite the fact that some people consider him a “consecrated artist.”

“For me it is a bit difficult to participate in singing contests because I am already in a large orchestra, the top one in Peru (…) I think I still have many more things to achieve and achieve, and that people know who Luis is Manuel. I want to be a benchmark for cumbia here in Peru and in the world, ”he said before his blind audition.

Luis Manuel Valdiviezo Sánchez is a 31-year-old Peruvian singer, from Pacasmayo (La Libertad). From a very young age he has dedicated himself to music. His beginnings were in La Idéntica de Chepén and he also appeared in the Silva Brothers, when he was still a minor.

A decade ago, Luis Manuel appeared on the program “Rojo Fama Contra Fama” and during his casting he indicated that his great motivation was Karen Schwarz. That time he performed “Mermaid” and “What one day was, will not be.” Fortunately, he moved on to the next stage.

Months later, at the age of 23, he appeared in the first season of “La voz Perú” with the song “To whom I want to lie” and managed to get the coaches Jerry Rivera, Eva Ayllón and José Luis Rodríguez ‘El Puma’ to turn his chair . In the end she went to the salsa team.

Although he did not make it to the final instances, Luis Manuel won his battle against Takeo Murata. In this way, he went to live concerts and performed songs such as “No te avisa”, “And how is he”, “Your love does me good” and “If your love does not come back”. After the experience, he traveled to Iquitos to be part of the Orquesta La Vale band.

It was in 2015 when Luis Manuel Valdiviezo managed to be part of the lead of Group 5. However, in 2019 he began to be absent due to health problems, until days later he announced his retirement from the Monsefú group.

Later, Luis Manuel was announced as part of the group The Golden 5 where he sang songs like “What a pity” and “Amor feignido”. “I am very excited and grateful to the orchestra for having received me with such affection. I promise not to disappoint the fans of the group and to do my best so that people have fun at our concerts”, said Valdiviezo.

Finally, in July 2021, the one from Pacasmayo was presented again as a member of Group 5. In the video where he announces his return to the Monsefuana orchestra, Luis Manuel is seen together with the members of the group rehearsing the classics “Búsquenla”, from the album “Adiós amor”, and “Your hypocrisy”, by Puro Corazón (2009).

“Finally. Thanks God! Thanks! He came back the best, the only one, the most beautiful of all. We miss you already, nothing was the same without you. I will always support you, I will go to all your poster concerts with your name on it. I will support you, I will always shout the songs they sing. I will always support you, Luis Manuel, ”wrote one of his followers.