Who is María del Carmen Cornejo, the future wife of Carlos Galdós?

For love there is no age and so it has been seen for several years in the Peruvian television environment. the comedian Carlos Galdos announced that he will marry his partner Maria del Carmen Cornejo.

The ex-image of “The night is mine” will return to the Plaza Norte Theater to present, after passing through the United States, her show “Love in times of Galdós”, in which he will star in couples therapy with ‘Marita’, his girlfriend.

Maria del Carmen Cornejo is a designer, businesswoman and image consultant who, for 3 years, has had a relationship with Carlos Galdós. She is the owner of the textile company Marita Cornejo. There she sells different products, such as sweaters, scarves, jackets and shirts made of natural fiber.

Carlos Galdós pointed out in an interview with Trome in 2020 that he met María del Carmen Cornejo through Tinder, a dating application. Likewise, he said that he began to live with her in times of confinement and that they share household expenses with her.

Carlos Galdos He was happy about his relationship with María del Carmen Cornejo and was encouraged to talk more about his partner.

“He arrived three years ago more or less and is here with me, in my life. She came at a time where I rethink many things in my life. I’ve even rethought my job. At a quieter time, sure. I’m not going to tell you more mature, I don’t know, you’re always changing,” Galdós said.