Who is Nikko Ponce, the actor who plays Paolo Guerrero in the series “Contigo capitan”?

Paolo Guerrero He is perhaps the most important Peruvian soccer player of the last decade due to his great contribution to the Peruvian national team, which with his participation was able to return to a World Cup after almost four decades. However, in 2017, the striker experienced a dark stage in his career that motivated him to create a series that narrates the same and this has just premiered on Netflix with Nikko Ponce as protagonist.

The actor and singer was chosen by the streaming giant to bring “Predator” to life in this production, which quickly achieved public preference by placing second in its extensive catalog. In this note, we will tell you details and other information about the career of this interpreter.

Although he had a stint on the small screen when he was eight years old, Nikko Ponce only became popular in 2010, when he was one of the models of the disappeared program “Very Verano. After that, he participated in several television projects and had an appearance in “El gran show”, replacing the bullfighter Alfonso de Lima.

Also, in 2009, he had the opportunity to act in “Al fondo hay lugar” playing the boyfriend of ‘Fernanda’ (Nataniel Sánchez). In 2013, she joined the ranks of “This is war” and a short time later she crossed the path to make the jump to “Combat”. At the same time, she continued to star in series from Del Barrio Producciones, such as “Mi amor el wachimán” or the two parts of “Yo no me llamo Natasha”.

The cinema and the radio were not alien to him either, since he participated in the films “Cementerio general” (2014) and “Los concha” (2017), in addition to assuming the role of announcer in the extinct Viva FM radio. Now, Nikko Ponce takes a new direction in his career by playing one of the most outstanding personalities in the world of Peruvian sports and rubbing shoulders with great personalities within the Netflix catalog.

After learning that Netflix wanted him to be Paolo Guerrero in a series, Nikko Ponce revealed that he had fully immersed himself in his role, because he painted his hair, had a cut similar to that of the striker, bought a Peruvian shirt and even he recorded himself speaking in Portuguese to reinforce his casting.

According to the interpreter himself, this material was key so that the producers of the series ended up choosing him over other actors.

Despite the good reviews of the streaming giant’s production, Nikko Ponce has not been spared from the criticism of some users on social networks, who allude – for example – to the physical resemblance to the player. Given this, the artist and singer assured that he is also an Afro-descendant and that all Peruvians have different origins.

“I am also Afro-descendant, Peruvians are mestizos. I am not going to say that I am the one or I am the one who should have interpreted it. There was a lot of criticism and comments, but that’s the actor’s job, to play characters they are not. I think the characterization is very well done “, he expressed in” Good morning Peru “.