Who is Niko Ustavdich, the only ‘combatant’ with whom Diana Sánchez had a date?

Remember is to live again. In Diana Sánchez’s interview with “COM FM”, the ex-chica reality revealed that Niko Ustavdich He was the only boy from the “Combate” reality show that he listened to and agreed to have an outing in plansbut in the end it didn’t turn out well because he was too flirtatious with another girl.

The dancer from “The Big Show” He returned to Peru with his partner Dan Guido to enjoy a vacation and visit his family, but he also took the opportunity to attend television programs to tell some of his experiences. What happened to the life of Niko Ustavdich? We tell you, here.

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Who is Niko Ustavdich and what does he do?

His name is Nikola Ustavdich VelezHe studied Law at the University of Lima, but became known for his participation in reality shows such as “Combate”, “Esto Es Guerra”, “Calle 7” and “Titanes”, where he proved to be a good athlete.

Since he was a child he knew how to swim and he did so well that he became known among athletes, so much so that he ended up opening his academy in Miraflores and currently holds the position of President of the Peruvian Swimming Federation.

About love, on May 15, 2021, he married Melissa Maggiea psychologist from Arequipa, with whom she shines on her Instagram content, whether traveling or sharing romantic moments as a couple.

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What happened on the date that Diana Sánchez and Niko Ustavdich had?

In his interview for the youtube channel previously mentioned, the cheerleader confirmed that she did have an outing with the former reality boy, but their romance did not reach more dates.

“I wanted to go out with Niko, we went out once and that same day we went out he cheated on me. We went out like, he picked me up, we went to the South, we went to a disco, hand in hand, with the roses and the stuffed animal,” he commented. laughing at his companions.

However, the end of the story surprised Fabianne Hayashida and Mario Irivarren: “Out of nowhere, very cautious Niko told me for a little while, I’m going to buy a drink, I turned around and I was already with another,” he said.

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The time Diana Sánchez stole a kiss from Niko Ustavdich

An archival video of “Combat” reveals how in the competition show, the reality boys had already gone through their first official kiss, although they did not manage to be a couple.

“I know you agree to let me be your coach, so we’re going to spend time together. I’ve noticed that you have a tendency to dominate the situation, but you’re going to lose out with me because I’m always the one who wants to run the situation.” ” she said facing him.

Before Diana Sanchez approached to steal a kiss, she said: “If you’re going to ask me for a kiss, obviously I’m going to feel very, very nervous, but I can give you a kiss.”