Who is Samantha Batallanos, the protected model with Jonathan Maicelo and Duilio Vallebuona?

Samantha Batallanos is the protagonist of a love triangle. The model was supported by the former reality boy Duilio Vallebuona and the boxer Jonathan Maicelo. However, what drew the most attention is that, in conversation with the Magaly Medina program, the former beauty queen revealed that she has a formal partner.

In this note we tell you all about Samantha Batallanos: the time she won the Miss Grand Peru 2021 crown, her romance with a well-known Peruvian businessman, and her relationship with a popular millionaire on Instagram.

Samantha Batallanos is a Peruvian professional model. She was born on September 27, 1995. She is 27 years old and is 1.80 tall. She has studied Business Administration and has competed in several beauty pageants, such as Miss Peru 2012, Miss Peru 2017, Miss Landscape 2018, and Miss Grand Peru 2021.

After several attempts, the model managed to represent Peru in Miss Grand International 2021. Although she was not the winner of the international contest, she was awarded in the category for best typical costume, which was inspired by a bird from Tumbes. Regarding her participation, Samantha Batallanos was not in the top 20 of the parade either.

In 2019, the program “Magaly TV, the firm” revealed that the businessman Alexander Blas, known as the “Prince of Gamarra”, had marriage plans with Samantha Batallanos. Shortly after, she announced that he had ended the relationship.

“I decided that it was not the time, it was a strong step, I spoke with him and now we are friends,” said the influencer in an interview with Magaly Medina this year.

Three months ago, Samantha Batallanos revealed that she was part of the group of women accompanying millionaire Dan Bilzerian, known on Instagram for leading a life of luxury and excess.

The model said that she was hired to appear in the videos that the American publishes on social networks. Likewise, she mentioned that she met her hotel, where she spent several days with more young influencers.

What few know is that Samantha Batallanos had a brief stint on Peruvian television. In 2019, she debuted as a reporter on the program “Mi gente dice” which was hosted by Paco Bazán.