Who is Sergio Baigorria, the mayor of Chaclacayo and why is his administration criticized by the people?

Alejandra Baigorria’s father, Sergio Baigorria Seas, has been on everyone’s lips for his tenure as mayor of chaclacayobecause the residents of said district are not satisfied with its administration against the huaicos due to the rains of the Cyclone Yaku.

That is why the programMagaly TV The Firm“Went in search of Sergio Baigorria to know what their responses would be to this tragic moment that our country is experiencing.

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The unexpected response of Sergio Baigorria

The mayor of Chaclacayo blamed the old management of the district as those responsible for not taking precautions in the case.

“Let’s see, tell me which department is not raining, Chosica too, that is, is it also the fault of its mayor? I mean, it’s all the mayor’s fault,” Sergio Baigorria told the reporter.

“This is what the ignorant people say, well, it’s all the mayor’s fault. Did the mayor make the rain come? We have all trusted ourselves, even the president, it is a natural disaster. In the face of a natural disaster, what are you going to do? I cannot take precautions because that was taken by the previous mayor”, Baigorria’s father exploded.

This has generated the displeasure of the neighbors, who expected another response from the father of the former reality show Alejandra Baigorria.

What is Sergio Baigorria’s work experience?

Sergio Antonio Baigorria He completed his primary and secondary studies. He also studied engine repair technique. But, according to the resume that he gave to the National Election Jury (JNE), Sergio would not have a university education.

He was councilor from 2007 to 2010 with the La Fuerza Vecinal de Chaclacayo party. In 2011, he again took office until 2014, but with the Cambio Radical party.

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What will Sergio Baigorria do for the Chaclacayo district?

Sergio Baigorria ran for the party of Rafael López Aliaga, Renovación Popular. Therefore, he began to walk the streets of Chaclacayo with his family and boyfriend of Alejandra Baigorria, his daughter, to seek the approval of the citizens of said district, but in the face of his foolish comment, it has only caused them to disapprove of the managing him.

One of his proposals is to develop multisectoral activities in conjunction with the PNP to articulate serenage, as well as increase the number of police officers in the district.

And also, according to his government plan, disaster prevention work will be carried out in critical areas and in education.