Who is Stefano Toller, the Peruvian who participates in the reality show “La firma” on Netflix, and is flattered by Yandel?

on netflix It has been released this April 4 “the signature”, the first original ‘talent show’, in which there is a Peruvian among the contestants and is causing a furor on social networks.

For this competition they have chosen 12 voices that will be part of the first season of the program that has judges of the urban genre such as: rauw alejandro, Nicki Nicole and yandel.

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Who is the only Peruvian representative of the contest?

This is Stefano Toller, a 24-year-old who graduated from UPC with a major in musical composition.

At his young age, he has a band called “Inzul”, which, according to the media, has participated in different festivals such as “Vivo x el rock”, “Selvámonos” and “Primera Sound” (Spain).

Given this, he has announced his musical theme “It is not normal” on his YouTube channel and already has more than 22 thousand views.

How was Stefano Toller’s debut in “La firma”?

Stefano was introduced in the first chapter of “the signature“interpreting the theme”Inevitable”, in which the theme is available on YouTube.

After finishing singing, the Peruvian received great praise from the singer Yandel, remembered for his duet Wisin and Yandel.

The Puerto Rican commented that there were very few Peruvian representatives in the urban genre and that he saw a great star in him. “There are few exponents that have left Peru in the urban genre. I think you can be one of the first”, was the message that Yandel himself gave him.

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Who does Stefano Toller compete against in “The Firm”?

In the competition, the history of each participant is also revealed, and when it was the turn of Stefano Toller which was presented in the second episode, is seen eating with his friends in Barranco, Lima, before traveling to Miami to record the season of “La firma”.

“Being an artist in Peru is difficult, mostly because of the ceilings. I feel that we are developing, but we need to be seen from the outside”, commented elbperuano.

These are the names of all the participants who compete in “the signaturefrom Netflix:

  • Stefano Toller (Peru)
  • Rmand (Dominican Republic)
  • Gigi Saldana (Puerto Rico)
  • Mosmos (Mexico)
  • Mila (Colombia)
  • Wanda Original (Argentina)
  • Diego Smith (Chile)
  • Eydrey (Mexico)
  • Nati Boulier (Colombia)
  • Nashy Nashai (Argentina)