Who is Tadeo Carmona and how does he get along with Tula Rodríguez? [VIDEO]

Did they raise the banner of peace? After the unfortunate death of television executive Javier Carmona, both his children and his wife tula rodriguez they got involved in a legal battle for his assets and their distribution. That is why in this note we tell you a little more about the eldest son tadeo carmona and his relationship with the former television presenter.

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Who is Tadeo Carmona?

The little that is known about the young man, who is the eldest son of Javier Carmona from his first engagement withnPaola Bissowho is also the mother of his younger brother tadeo carmona. Furthermore, it was revealed that he is a well-known professional photographer, project manager, and digital content creator.

But that’s not all, because he is also a lover of extreme sports, he works as a producer of travel content and more. One of his jobs was done in instagram dedicated to his father javier carmona and set by the song “Thank you” of the Orishas group.

“He taught me that when you fall you have to get up, shake yourself and always show your teeth without pain,” is heard in a part of the aforementioned topic.

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How is the current relationship of Tula Rodríguez with Tadeo Carmona?

Despite the fact that the legal issue was no longer mentioned on social networks or in the legal media and it was implied that everything would have been clarified between tula rodriguez and the children of javier carmonaincluding Major Tadeo Carmona, everything seems to indicate that this would not have made their personal relationship improve.

“I was missing two little people who would have been nice to come, but hey, sometimes there are things that cannot be done and that’s it,” the host of En boca de todos showed when mentioning that she would have liked it for her birthday daughter were with her.