Who is the ‘Chino’, a reporter who was dismissed by Magaly Medina and now breaks it with EBT [VIDEO]

More dirty laundry continues to air in the middle of the media mess between Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel, who has joined Rodrigo Gonzalezas it evidenced a controversial comment that in the past the ‘Urraca’ made to Manuel Paz Soldán, better known as the EBT ‘Chinese’, who was a young reporter at ATV. Here we tell you more about him and said altercation.

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What happened between the reporter Manuel Paz Soldán and Magaly Medina?

Although it was an episode that took place back in 2014, it was recently the television host of Love and fire who revived this moment to expose the treatment he would have given Magaly Medina to a reporter when he questioned her about her alleged bias in her guest interviews on her talk show. Latin.

“The ‘Farisela’ is not the only one. That’s how it was when I was in Latina with the ATV journalists, so if we’re going to remember, I’ll leave this here,” he wrote Rodrigo Gonzalez in your account Twitter next to the video that evidenced the attitude that the journalist took when she was consulted and questioned about her way of doing her job.

“Magaly hello, what happened now have you become very biased… Your program has become very biased, now they call you ‘very soft’, don’t you think you are being biased?” asked the popular ‘Chinese’ who worked for the ATV space. Faced with these questions, Magaly Medina Showing off his style, he replied: “Daddy, now I’ve just gotten off the plane… Daddy, when you have your television program, that’s where you ask him the questions… Bye cute.”

This fact was not taken in the best way by Internet users, who would have taken his response as “arrogance” and with the apparent intention of minimizing Manuel Paz Soldán.

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Who is the ‘Chino’ of EBT, a reporter who was dismissed by Magaly Medina?

After being part of different television spaces as a reporter, Manuel Paz Soldan has now become one of the most renowned reporters in the entertainment world, he is part of the team of On everyone’s lipsbut he is better known as ‘El Chino’, a name that was earned by his slanted eyes that would show his Asian origin and ancestry.

According to what he has shared with his followers in his social networks, the journalist is the father of a little boy, to whom he boasts and dedicates tender messages. As well as his taste for drawing, in which he evidences a marked style.