Who is the daughter of Anna Carina Copello, born when the singer was 21 years old?

Singer Anna Carina Copello She is one of the best-known Peruvian artists in the musical world. She began her artistic career in 1990 when she was part of the children’s program “Nubeluz”. Years later, in 2000, she released her first album titled “Something Personal” and from that moment she continues working as an interpreter and composer, which earned her to be part of talented reality shows.

The author of “Loving You” She met her current husband, Paul Bebin, in 2003, at which time they found out that they would become parents to their first daughter at a very young age, when they were both just 20 years old.

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Paul Bebin and Anna Carina are going to celebrate 25 years of marriage. Photo: Composition LR/Jazmín Ceras

Who is the daughter of Anna Carina Copello?

Recently, Anna Carina He dedicated a tender message to his daughter Micaela Bebin, his firstborn whom he had at only 21 years of age. The young woman in her twenties is an influencer and actively uploads content to her Instagram account, in which she mentions that she is part of the Adidas team and models clothes from other brands.

Also, as seen on his social networks, he is a lover of dancing, which is evidenced by some videos published with his mother and his aunt, the host. Maria Pia Copello. Similarly, one of her favorite places is the beach.

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Anna Carina’s tender message to her daughter

Last January 11, Anna Carina He dedicated an emotional birthday message to his daughter Micaela Bebin, who is already 20 years old, in which he took the opportunity to remember his experience as a new mother with some photographs of his heiress when he was little.

And you reached 20, my Mica! The age when I got pregnant with you to become a mother for the first time and discover the purest and most beautiful love of all. Being a young mom has been a blessing and a gift to me.. Not only do I have the daughter I always dreamed of, but also an unconditional friend,” she wrote.

Anna Carina Copello

Anna Carina Copello sent her daughter Micaela a birthday message. Photo: Instagram/ Anna Carina.