Who is the husband of Jessica Newton and what does the couple of the director of Miss Peru do?

A love for life! The famous Jessica Newton She was a well-known Peruvian model who was crowned Miss Peru in 1987. At that time, she was focused on her work on the catwalks. What no one envisioned at that time was that the young woman would become the director of the most important beauty pageant in the country, which leads the candidates to represent us in the eyes of the whole world.

Directing a format as controversial as the one she is in charge of has made her a controversial character, since on more than one occasion she has been accused of having favoritism for some participants; however, she has not gone on to any major scandal. What is known about her and her family environment is because he has let it be known about her; However, there is a character about whom not much has been said: her husband.

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How many children does Jessica Newton have?

The former beauty queen Jessica Newton met true love when in August 1992, when her first daughter, Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid, was born. It should be noted that her original last name was not that, since her biological father is Carlos Morales Andrade, but they stopped having contact for many years. After that, the model met Fernando Sanchez de Lamadrid, with whom he had his next heirs.

Some time later, after her second engagement, the businesswoman received her twins, Sebastián and Tamara Sánchez from Lamadrid. The last little girl that the former Miss Peru 1987 had was little Miranda, who a few months ago was linked to the world of catwalks, but she discarded him because of the entire campaign of favoritism against her mother. In total, the director of the beauty pageant has 4 children, apart from the first children that her husband had before marrying her.

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How did the romance between Jessica Newton and Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid begin?

There is not a day in the life of Jessica Newton that she does not share with her husband. Despite her multiple occupations, the director of Miss Peru has always shown to be very close to her partner Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid, since they got married in an intimate ceremony in 2004. They not only spend time in Lima, but also in the countries that the businessman travels as part of his work.

However, very little has been said about how they met. Except on one occasion when they asked for details, through their social networks, and Miss Peru 1987 explained: “Fer saw me on stage and asked the notary (Donato Carpio) to take him up on stage. He went to meet me and tell me that he had loved it. Love at first sight without a doubt“. It should be noted that when the couple married they already had their first heirs.


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Who is Fernando Sánchez de Lamadrid and what does he do?

Jessica Newton’s husband, Fernando Sanchez de Lamadrid, is unknown to the world of show business, but not to international business. He is a Spaniard dedicated to the field of transnationals, according to the director of Miss Peru in her stories.

As we mentioned above, the businessman showed so much love for his partner that he did not hesitate to give the model’s first daughter his last name. For this reason, the young Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid has so much appreciation for the person who behaved like a true father to her.