Who is the husband of María Grazia Gamarra and what business do they have together?

Maria Grazia Gamarra and Heinz André Gildemeister began dating when they were barely 18 years old, approximately in 2009. The romance did not last long, but they resumed it years later, which was evidenced when they were supported by the cameras of “Magaly TeVe” in 2015. Three years later, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Eva, in November 2018. They married in June 2019 and then, in 2021, Elena, their second baby, arrived. In the meantime, the actress has remained active by participating in “Luz de Luna” (2021) and “Al fondo hay sitio” (2022), while her husband has preferred to maintain a more discreet profile.

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María Grazia Gamarra: who is her husband, Heinz Gildemeister?

His full name is Heinz André Gildemeister Arraya and is the son of two world-renowned tennis players: the Peruvian of Argentine origin Laura Arraya and Heinz Gunter Gildemeister Bohner (Chilean nationalized Peruvian).

With his profile on Instagram private, despite the 29,600 followers, it is known that he worked as a tennis teacher and on LinkedIn he appears, since 2018, as CEO of Passline Perua virtual platform for events such as music festivals, parties, conferences, workshops, streaming events, among others.

In an interview with La República, María Grazia Gamarra revealed that her husband is not a vegetarian like her. “I don’t eat an animal out of conviction, but my daughter, my husband, my family eat meat.” He also noted that it is Heinz Andrewho “spreads out one day yes, one day no” in the venture that they both took out together on the outskirts of Lima.

Maria Grazia Gamarra and Heinz Gildemeister. Photo: Heinz Gildemeister/Instagram

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What business does María Grazia Gamarra and her husband have together?

In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, María Grazia Gamarra and Heinz Andre decided to bet on opening a company that raises chickens and sells eggs, located in the town of Sisicaya, in the province of Huarochirí, at outskirts of Lima.

“I always tortured him because I wanted to do something new. Suddenly, he had the brilliant idea and he said to me: ‘Eggs?’ We moved here, we settled hereliving another reality, where you can breathe another air”, expressed María Grazia Gamarra to “América spectacles”.

His company is called Paraíso Inca and his brand of eggs is Webo. “We buy the chickens without having land, without having anything, because the chickens don’t arrive at the moment, it’s a month of waiting,” he said. However, his purpose went further and they managed to get his farm certified with the Certified Humane seal of animal welfare. “We are focused on studying the rules manual well to comply with it to the letter,” he said.

María Grazia Gamarra and Heinz Gildemeister at their chicken farm. Photo: Maria Grazia Gamarra / Instagram

“We are a family that believes in freedom and love, and we raise our chickens with these same values,” said the actress, who launched a request for help in mid-March for the damage caused by the landslides in the area.

“The huaicos have fallen on the highway from Cieneguilla to Huarochiri, at the entrance to the town of Sisicaya, and it is blocked. Heavy machinery is needed to clean the access”, María Grazia Gamarra wrote on Instagram. “My husband has been trying to reach the town for three days and it is impossible,” she added.

“Our farm is fine, we have people working there and nothing has happened, but the population cannot be isolated,” reported the difficulty overcome, the actress Maria Grazia Gamarra is focused on her role as Rosaura, in the play “The life is dream”directed by Jean Pierre Gamarra.