Who is the Mexico mask LIVE: follow the semifinal on Las Estrellas channel

The Mexican version of reality Who is the mask is conquering the entire television audience, both Mexico as well as from several Hispanic countries, where the Las Estrellas channel broadcasts its signal. In this program, the competitors fight not to be discovered, since they are camouflaged in different costumes that represent animals, food or objects under which they sing, dance and encourage the public.

Those classified in the last program were Apache, Carnivore, Gitana, Man of stone, Hueva and Lazy. It should be remembered that the character of Perezoso obtained the highest acceptance by the audience’s vote before Android, thus saving himself from the risk zone.

Mexican actress and singer Sandra Echevarría was the celebrity behind the Android mask, and she was finally discovered. The 36-year-old artist revealed that she had to take extensive classes in order to compete at this level.

Next, we tell you who were the participants whose identities were revealed in the last two chapters of the Mexican reality show:

Of the 18 participants who started the program, only seven celebrities remain to be discovered. Here we tell you who is still in the contest:

In each program, the production gives the public a mobile device so that each one can decide who of the contestants will be the one to remove their mask to discover their identity. In the end, the assistants are saving their favorite participants and the jury makes the final decision.

The artists and celebrities that make up the panel of judges in Who is the mask? are as follows:

A total of 18 celebrities are hidden behind the faces of different characters. In each episode, as the contestants sing and dance in character, each will carefully hand out clues for the jury to discover who the artist is under the mask.

Every Sunday from 8.30 pm (time in Mexico and Peru) the reality show Who is the mask?

Who is the mask? In its version of Mexico, it is a program produced by the Televisa network and is broadcast in the country referred to and in different parts of the world through the signal of the channel of The stars.

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If you are in Peruvian territory and want to enjoy the Mexican reality show, it is necessary to hire a cable service to access the complete programming of Televisa and the Las Estrellas channel.

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