Who is the owner of the LUXURIOUS Mercedes Benz that Dalia Durán drove?

The model Dalia Durán is in the public eye, after she was caught in the conciliation center with John Kelvin to reach an agreement on all issues related to her minor children and the process of her divorce. After their meeting, it was revealed that the ex-partner of Andres Hurtado and the singer went to eat together and even toasted, which caused many to question their actions.

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However, what drew attention was that the Cuban attended the center in a luxurious Mercedes Benz, for which many began to question whose car it was, so in this article from El Popular we will tell you about it.

Whose car did Dalia Durán wear?

Dalia Durán arrived at the conciliation center in a modern Mercedes Benz car, so the Amor y fuego program decided to find out whose truck the Cuban wore.

According to the report they issued, the owner would be Joaquin Roberto del Castillo Rosas, a dentist who has been working with the Cuban woman since August of this year, according to her social networks. “What she did was obviously lose my loaned car, because she would go to the conciliation to sign and I did not see it badly,” said the specialist.

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Did the owner of the car know that Dalia Durán would have dinner with John Kelvin?

In the short conversation he had Joaquin Roberto del Castillo Rosas with the Willax reporter revealed that he was unaware that Dahlia Duran Y john kelvin they would have dinner together, so he had to go pick up his car at the restaurant.

“It’s been about five hours and he didn’t give me any signs. So much so that I had to go through the car. Well, that’s what I didn’t know (dinner), the truth is that I just went to pick him up (the car) and I didn’t even know about it,” said the dentist.