Who is the wife of Juan Luis Guerra and how many years have they been together?

Juan Luis Guerra It has been on the cover of various national and international media due to the cancellation of the second date of his concert in Lima after the closure of Arena Perú for exceeding the permitted capacity limits. So far it is not known what measures the organizing company would choose, but the musician decided to address his followers and express his regret for the fact, waiting to meet his fans again.

The artist, considered one of the greatest exponents of Latin music, has a large number of fans in Peruvian territory due to his hits such as “El Niágara en bicicleta”, “La bilirrubina”, “Bachata rosa”, among others. Despite the fact that several of his songs have become icons from generation to generation, little is known about the story behind his compositions: his loving wife, Nora Vega.

Nora Clementina Altagracia Vega She is the woman who stole the heart of the composer Juan Luis Guerra. His relationship has been kept out of the spotlight, but it is known on some occasions that the Dominican has expressed the great love that he professes for his wife.

She met the singer when she was studying design and has always been characterized by her spontaneous smile, in addition to sharing her passion for art with the father of her children.

Juan Luis Guerra and his wife Nora Vera were married in 1984 when he released “Soplando”, his first album, a compilation of various jazz songs, very different from the songs that catapulted his success in music.

Currently, the couple has been married for 38 years and as a result of that relationship they had two children: Juan Gabriel and Paulina. The Guerra family is characterized by staying together and stable to date. In addition, to be devoted to God and profess their faith on several occasions.