Who was Alfonso de Borbón, the brother of former King Juan Carlos I who was shot by chance?

The ex-king of Spain is the protagonist of a dark episode in the history of the monarchy. At 8:00 p.m. on March 29, 1956, a shot rang out and, in just an instant, Alfonso de Borbón died on the spot after being accidentally hit by the gun of his brother Juan Carlos I.

Although there are various theories of how the event occurred, the English historian Paul Preston, in his book “The King of a People”, narrates that King Juan Carlos I himself confirmed the version of the accidental shooting of his brother 66 years ago.

King Juan Carlos was 19 years old and, after several months of instruction at the General Military Academy in Zaragoza, he visited the Portuguese residence Villa Giralda, where his parents lived. The whole family attended mass that day, which marked Holy Thursday.

There was his father, Juan de Borbón, his mother, María de las Mercedes de Borbón, his brother Alfonso and his sisters Pilar and Margarita, according to what Pilar Urbano narrates in greater detail in her book “The Price of the Throne”.

The young Juan Carlos de Borbón entered his brother Alfonso’s room to play with him and it was then that he shot his brother in the forehead, believing that the gun was fully unloaded.

It should be noted that an investigation into this case was never initiated and it was filed as a domestic accident.

As well as the incident with Alfonso de Borbón, other of the most notorious deaths of the Bourbon dynasty in the last century were: