Who was Christian Benavides, younger brother of Jorge and Alfredo Benavides, and how did he die?

A family of artists. The brothers Jorge and Alfredo Benavides are some of the comic actors who have succeeded in the peruvian television, after many years of effort and talent. Among his most successful programs are: ‘JB News’, ‘The humor special’, ‘JB’s wasap’ and ‘JB on ATV’.

However, in his career towards success his younger brother was also involved, christian benavideswho unfortunately passed away in 2010. In this article from El Popular we tell you what a terrible disease he died of and what he dedicated himself to.

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Who was Christian Benavides?

the late comedian Christian Ernesto Benavides Gastello He was born on November 20, 1973. He began his television career in the program ‘JB News’with his older brother Jorge.

Some time later, after the “JB Noticias” weekend, he worked on the “La paisana Jacinta” program and had an overwhelming success, although he also had a lot of criticism for the type of content they made.

Then she was in charge of the production of El especial del humor, although on some occasions she did some imitations such as that of a journalist from the Caracol chain.

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What did Christian Benavides die of?

In 2009, christian benavides He was diagnosed with stage II stomach cancer, a very advanced stage of the disease, so his body quickly began to suffer the consequences of the symptoms.

Unfortunately, in 2010, at the age of 36, he died after an intense fight to defeat the disease, for which all his followers, family and friends were very affected by the tragic event.

The humorist’s remains were buried in the Campo Fe de Huachipa cemetery, where his brothers, co-workers, fans and some members of the press attended.

“I dream about him, in my dreams I play with him, in my dreams I work with him, in my dreams he suits me; he tells me a lot of things that many people don’t know. He has been such a good son, that during his illness if I had I could have changed for him, I would have changed. He is an extraordinary person who should not have left, but God takes good people,” he said very sadly Alfredo Benavides.

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Jorge Benavides remembered his brother christian benavides with an emotional post

Six years after the death of Christian Benavides, his brother Jorge Benavides He spoke on his social networks to give him an emotional post.

“Every November 20 we remember my remembered brother Christian. Because on a day like today he had his birthday. His unforgettable laugh, his reporter from Cadena Caracol and his endless jokes allow us to remember him forever. We miss you brother!” read in the post.

Post by Jorge Benavides. Photo: Instagram