Who was the Dominican communicator Jochi Alcántara

The death of the communicator Joseph Jochi Alcantarapopular on Instagram for his peculiar way of publicizing day-to-day events through his “Jochi informs you” page, surprised his growing community of followers.

The young man from San Juan de la Maguana reported through social networks and the website, was a surveyor by profession, also did audiovisual work and was a political activist.

In 2016, he announced his aspirations to be a councilor for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), for the Mayor’s Office of San Juan de la Maguana, where he wanted youth to have a space in decision-making. In 2020, he aspired to the candidacy for deputy for San Juan de la Maguana.

He had several accounts on Facebook, one of them with the title José Alcantárá “Jochi” had more than 200,000 followers at the time of writing this note. In addition, it had groups like “Jose Alcantara ‘Jochi’” with more than 7,000 members each.

Alcántara managed to win the affection of thousands of his followers, who did not hesitate to leave heartfelt messages after confirming his sudden death. Just a few hours before, a video starring him and uploaded on his Facebook profile accumulated more than a thousand reactions.

This news has dismayed Alcántara’s followers, who regretted his departure through social networks.

“I’m surprised that now he’s dead, what a sad man, have mercy”, “I see it and I don’t believe it, God, so young and a good communicator, what a good place, Jochi”, “He looked sad, may God May God have you in his holy glory”, “What a great shame”, “May God have you in a good place”, were other comments.

“Thinking to me, that life goes by in the blink of an eye, that today we are here and tomorrow we don’t know, so we only take what we can enjoy, our sorrows, our joys, the material remains so enjoy life”, wrote in the message on Facebook.

what did he die of

According to unofficial information, Alcántara’s death occurred due to a myocardial infarctionaccording to local media reports.

Among his latest posts on Instagram are videos in which he talks about the urban singers Yailin and Karol G.