Who was “The Queen Mother” of Combate? [VIDEO]

A character loved and remembered by fans. The competition reality show “Combate” was the first to score a before and after in that kind of format on TV, broadcast on the ATV signal with a bunch of famous kids divided into teams. They had as accompaniment the “Queen mother”, who was it? We tell you, here.

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Who was “the Queen Mother”?

It was the producer of the reality competition “Combat” called Marisol Crousillat, who was the head in charge of directing the television project that had as conductors Gian Piero Diaz and Renzo Schuller during the eight years that the ATV signal was in force, ending in 2018.

A Marisol Crousillat it was the same television hosts and reality boys who decided to call her “Queen mother” to a way of affection because of the respect they had for her, since the word had the meaning of being the boss and to whom they had to pay attention because ‘everything she said was law’.

Unfortunately, Marisol Crousillat did not stay until the end of “Combat”Well, she retired at the end of 2015, having an emotional farewell from the popular ‘Shu Shu’ and ‘Pi Pi’, who gave her a few words of affection and reminded her that they consider her a friend because of the trust that existed during work time.

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Marisol Crousillat: What do you currently do?

Now Marisol Crousillat continues to work as a producer, although in a different television house, since she became part of the work team of Willax TVhaving the opportunity to meet the driver again Gian Piero Diazwhom he has directed again in the program “Abrazo de gol”.

Furthermore, the producer Marisol Crousillat regrets that Gian Piero Diaz and Renzo Schuller they are estranged, as she has confessed that she feels a lot of appreciation for both drivers and she would like them to be able to become friends to work together again. A fact that would surely bring a lot of rating.