Who were the first Peruvians to succeed on YouTube and what are they currently doing?

When the Yointernet arrived in Peru, it took a few years for it to become a service accessible to the vast majority of citizens. Over time, it was more common to see people accessed the network from their homes, offices, as well as in the establishments that were rented for the time one is in the PC with connection.

Undoubtedly, one of the most consumed platforms in the past and to date is Youtube which became popular due to the great variety of videos that it had to be able to choose according to our preferences. Also, this page not only served to entertain, but also to create accounts and entertain others. It was like that certain Peruvians created their account and uploaded videos with their own style, earning the fame and affection of thousands of users.

Once they consolidated as youtubers began to opt for new formats, so currently some of them are dedicated to other types of content. Here we tell you what the first Peruvians who achieved success thanks to YouTube are currently doing.

Now known as “ElZeein”, the Peruvian content creator was one of the pioneers on the Google platform. His humor earned him some of the first Peruvian videos to pass a million views.

After consolidating his channel and then having some problems with his account, he decided to switch to Twitch, where he currently broadcasts live to chat and play with his followers. It should be noted that he created a second account on YouTube, in which he publishes the best moments of his broadcasts.

Carlos Burneo has already adopted the pseudonym of Henry Spencer for many years, a name that he also gave to his YouTube channel where he has been uploading videos for 15 years. At the time, he interviewed some of the main public figures of our country; now he also carries out this activity, although his format has been inclined to “random” questions on the street, as well as the presentation of various stand-up events in which he invites certain celebrities.

Katherine Esquivel is one of the youtubers who has been most active on YouTube and other social networks, since for more than a decade she has not stopped uploading videos, and receiving the same massive support nationally and internationally. When she started, her content was tips and recommendations on beauty and fashion; Nowadays, she maintains this type of videos, but has evolved with the addition of blogs, lifestyle, questions and answers, and more videos of this size. She has nearly 5.5 million followers on YouTube to date.

The iconic Mox could not be missing from the list, since, in addition to being the first Peruvian to appear in a YouTube Rewind, he was one of those who put Peru in the international spotlight of the platform. When he started uploading videos, they were without his presence, as he only showed some of the funniest clips on the internet with his background voice. Now, the man from Lima is dedicated to making live broadcasts, although he has not neglected the various videos of him, in which he has been transforming the humor according to what is shared on social networks.

“Hey little people how have you been” was one of the most popular phrases for Peruvians who consumed YouTube, because a large number of videos, mostly daily, were uploaded by BrunoAcme. In recent interviews, it has been possible to know a little about what he currently does. Bruno mentions that he will no longer make videos on YouTube, because since he was presented with the opportunity to be the host of a television program, he uses his free time to stream video games and chat with his most faithful followers. .

Although it is true that the vast majority knew the “DeBarrio” channel, YouTubers Dafonseka and Gerardo started with their “2 puntas” account, in which they uploaded sketches on different topics together with their friends. After the conflict that both protagonists had, each one followed their own projects. On the one hand, Dafonseka is dedicated to streaming on Twitch and Facebook, while Gerardo stayed on YouTube, where he uploads videos of varied content.


The top is led by these brothers, who usually post videos making trends, funny content, as well as dances. In addition to having the largest number of followers with a total that exceeds the figure of 25.6 million, they are also the ones that generate the most money on the platform, since, according to the calculator, each post gives them approximately between 15,300 and 25,500 dollars. .


Although it is true that he is one of the first to promote TikTok in our country, the renowned influencer Josi Martínez is currently the second Peruvian with the most followers on the platform, and he also takes bronze in terms of money generated per post, since he receives between $13,440 to $22,400 per video.


The Peruvian influencer, who is focused on sharing geek content, has more than 17.4 million followers on TikTok, which has earned her the third person in our country who earns the most money for her posts, receiving approximately 10,440 at $17,401.

Lime Bear

The popular influencer became known for taking to the streets and supporting with money those people who work selling candy or who do not have the resources to access a job. Currently, he has more than 9.7 million followers and according to the calculator, each video published generates an income between 5,820 and 9,700 dollars.

Paola Gallegos

The young content creator is one of the few tiktokers who is not dedicated to entertainment as such, but posts videos related to calligraphy and lettering. To date, she has accumulated more than 7.7 million followers and, according to the calculator, earns between $4,620 to $7,700 per post.