Why are there fewer and fewer white cell phones?

have you noticed that there are fewer and fewer white cell phones? In recent years, the number of companies that choose other shades, such as green or blue, in the design of new smartphones has increased. But what is the reason? OnePlus president Liu Fengshuo revealed on the Weiba social network the main reasons why people see very few mobile devices of this color.

Fengshuo posted this information on his personal account last February 20, as part of the presentation of the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition the first white model launched by the Chinese company after four years.

The OnePlus executive revealed that white smartphones are more complicated to manufacture. “If there is a slight deviation in the craft, the final effect will be completely different, and the texture will be reduced,” said the entrepreneur.

According to Fengshuo, white cell phones are not profitable for mobile device manufacturers, since the cost is higher than any other design with other colors.

The businessman cited the development of the OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition as an example. “It took more than three months of testing to find the perfect white color for this terminal,” he detailed.

The third and last reason is that these smartphones can become a device for collecting fingerprints if not handled correctly, since fingerprints are more evident on white devices. This could hurt the user experience when using the model.

According to the Xatak portal, the cell phones that have become more popular in recent years are those that have metallic shades. This can also be seen in designs from brands such as Apple or OnePlus.

Presentations in gold, silver and pink have also increased in the catalogs of the most important cell phone brands, such as LG, Samsung, among others, according to information from the specialized technology platform.