Why did Al fondo hay Sitio come to an end after 7 years despite its high rating?

In the background there is room It was one of the most successful series in Peru and it remained on television for seven years. Over eight seasons, the América TV production narrated the story of Los Gonzáles and Los Maldini in the Las Lomas neighborhood; However, something happened in 2016 and it had to be canceled despite its high rating. Here we tell you what really happened.

In mid-2016, producer Efraín Aguilar announced that the series would come to an end with the eighth season in progress, something that left fans immensely sorry. Finally, the last episode of At the bottom there is a site aired on December 5 of that year.

Thanks to its resounding success, Al fondo hay Sitio managed to stay on the air for no less than seven years (first episode: March 30, 2009 – last episode December 5, 2016). Additionally, it achieved its internationalization and was broadcast in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay.

After a series of speculations, Efraín Aguilar revealed the truth behind the end of the series during an interview in 2016. According to him, it was all due to América Televisión having to move all the scenography to its new studios in Pachacamac, something that could have finished with the essence of the story.

“We had to move to the new studios in Pachácamac and it would not have been the same to make new sets. From an economic point of view it would have been illogical to continue, it was better to start a new adventure. I think that was the sentence of At the bottom there is a site “ Aguilar detailed to El Comercio.

In early November, it was revealed that Al fondo hay Sitio would return to television and in early December it was confirmed that the series will premiere its ninth season in 2022.