Why did Alfredo Benavides stop working with Jorge Benavides in “El wasap de JB”?

Jorge Benavidez not only did he achieve success with Carlos Álvarez in “El especial del humor” but he also did it alongside his brother Alfred Benavides. After many years working on the program “JB’s WhatsApp” The pair separated permanently. Alfredo went to América TV, the competition channel, and there were many questions from fans about it.

In this note we tell you what really happened between the Benavides brothers. The different versions of the popular ‘Little Alfredito’ and the reason why they have not rejoined labor.

In 2011, Alfredo Benavides was presented as the great pull of the program “El especial del humor”. Years later, he was part of “El wasap de JB” on Willax TV and, finally, he was in Latina for a season. This is because, in 2018, he decided to go to the América TV channel, where “The blowout of the Chola”. Since then, the brothers did not work together again on television.

As indicated by Alfredo Benavides, he withdrew from “El wasap de JB” on his own. In addition, he emphasized that he did not have any type of confrontation with his brother Jorge and assured that he was happy because he was beginning a new stage in his artistic career.

“Why did I leave Latina? In the middle of last year she had already made the decision to leave the channel, but she clarified that there was no problem with the channel or with anyone. It was a personal decision, I’ve been used to working alone. My brother has not bothered (for being now in ‘The blowout of the chola‘)”, held.

However, in November 2021, when Alfredo Benavides was being investigated for the case of money laundering the comic actor revealed that he left his brother Jorge Benavides’ program because he and his sister-in-law Karin Marengo were involved in the complaint. These statements left their fans surprised.

The last thing that was known about Alfredo Benavides is that he works on the program “Because today is Saturday with Andrés” hosted by Andrés Hurtado, which is broadcast on Panamericana TV. The humorist himself stated that works for the company AH Producciones in the content and image producer position.

Alfred Benavides have four children: Giacomo, Rafaella, Domenico and Yamil. His brothers are: Jorge Benavidez, Patricia Benavides, Carlos Benavides and Christian Benavidez the latter died in 2010 after suffering from stomach cancer.

During the hearing for the money laundering case, Alfredo Benavides revealed that received more than 15,000 dollars of salary in Latina thanks to the fact that he was a figure in two programs: “Welcome to the afternoon” and “El especial del humor”.