Why did Ángelo Fukuy distance himself from Christian Domínguez after retiring from the Great International Orchestra?

At the end of 2020, Angelo Fukuy surprised his followers by sharing a statement on his social networks, in which he mentioned his retirement from the Great International Orchestra after having been part of it for six years. Despite the fact that she apparently had a good relationship with Christian Domínguez, the singers they have been involved in strong controversies that have not been clarified; however, the actor also preferred not to resume his friendship with who one day was his partner in Hermanos Yaipén.

The cumbiambero who retired from Great International Orchestra to form his own Free Zone grouping, he would be willing to excuse Christian Dominguez, who, on many occasions, has avoided talking about his friendship with Ángelo Fukuy.

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Why did Ángelo Fukuy distance himself from Christian Domínguez?

After withdrawing from Great International Orchestra, There was much talk about the friendship that united them, since the closeness was not born in the group led by the former member of Joven Sensación, but when they were part of Hermanos Yaipén in 2009. The announcement of Angel Fukuy gave way to different speculations, since the soloist spoke of the scandals of christian dominguez and other reasons that led him not to continue in the musical group.

“All this time (years he spent in the Great International Orchestra) scandal prevailed more than music. Always, all their lives they talked about couples and us on one side. The musical for a little while, and that annoyed. He reached a point where we told him: ‘That’s enough.’ For this reason, Pedro Loli left,” said the interpreter of “Raise your glass” to the “Love and Fire” program in 2021.

On the other hand, Ángelo Fukuy mentioned that, with the arrival of COVID-19, the Gran Orquesta Internacional did not pay him on time and did not allow him to do other types of solo work.

The friendship between Ángelo Fukuy and Christian Domínguez was born when they worked at Hermanos Yaipén. Photo: composition LR/Angelo Fukuy/Christian Dominguez

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“Nobody lives with 500 soles,” said José Orejuela, a former classmate christian dominguez. “No, 500 soles every month and a half because they were late, they didn’t pay on time”, Fukuy affirmed to the cameras of the Rodrigo González program. In addition, he specified that he received a notarized letter for making live broadcasts during the pandemic.