Why did ‘Axl Rose’ and ‘Marilyn Manson’ from Yo soy end their friendship for money?

He told his truth. César Osorio, a controversial artist known for imitating the singer Axl Rose in Yo soy, broke his silence in a live broadcast and explained the reason for his estrangement with Mike Bravo, ‘Marilyn Manson’, after an event that did not take place.

Both characterizers were going to join voices for a tribute concert recently, however this could not take place. According to the statements, there were misrepresentations that ended up breaking employment ties.

Osorio received an economic advance of 1,500 soles to participate in the show that his colleague had organized and that was canceled for, allegedly, not having sold enough tickets.

“When you make an advance and the event slips out of your hands, the artist never returns that amount, because he has projected and dedicated his time to work for said show,” said the singer.

“There is no refund of advance,” added ‘Axl Rose’, noting that this is how he responded to Mike. In the same way, he claimed to have audios as true proof of the problem.

According to the impersonator of the leader of Guns’ N Roses, Mike would have used as an excuse the non-vaccination of his colleague so that the concert does not take place.

“It seems to me to be recontra huev **, for me, that you give as an excuse that I am not vaccinated for the cancellation of the show, when in fact you did not sell enough tickets,” exclaimed the imitator.

“If the man does not want to accept it, it is his roll,” he sentenced, not before saying goodbye to the followers who watched the transmission.

At the moment, Mike Bravo, ‘Marilyn Manson’, has not publicly commented on the statements of his colleague.

As it is recalled, the impersonator of the “Tourniquet” interpreter was established in March 2021 as the winner of the 2021 season of Yo soy. Back then, he won 15,000 soles and a new motorcycle.

For its part, Cesar Osorio had a single step in 2012, characterizing the rock singer. Nine years later, he returned to the show for the Big Battles format, where he failed to shine and was eliminated in his first appearance.