Why did Christian Domínguez get divorced after 20 years?

If we talk about the celebrity couples who have divorcedthe singer Christian Domínguez is the most recent to integrate it by making public that after 20 years of a paper marriage with Tania Ríos, now he is divorced. Why did it take so long? Find out here.

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Why did Christian Domínguez take so long to divorce Tania Ríos?

The couple made up of Christian Dominguez and Tania Rios They have been married since 2002, separating soon after, but promising to help each other to formalize the divorce papers. This process became complex when she traveled to the United States before signing the documentation.

Meanwhile, the businessman did not hesitate to rebuild his love life with new partners, with whom he had symbolic marriages such as Melanie Martinez and Karla Tarazona, ensuring that when the papers came out it would be forms. Years later, his only official wife blamed him for not wanting to sign the divorce papers.

“I’ve tried to look for him through people I know have access to communicate with him, but he just avoids that. I find it super ridiculous because it has always coincided that he is in a relationship with this or that then,… whenever I’ve tried to locate him in one way or another, he doesn’t show his face to me,” she said uncomfortably.

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Is Christian Domínguez planning to remarry?

The interpreter of the song “Maricucha” He has revealed that in the near future he would like to walk down the aisle with his daughter’s mother, Pamela Francowith whom he has been in a relationship for three years now, although it is not one of his priorities as a couple.

“As we have said at the beginning of the relationship, it is not our priority, we have to meet agreed goals and when it is on track we will think about marriage,” he commented. the actorassuring that since they already live together, it feels as if it were a marriage relationship.

However, if he can do it, he enters into the plans in a short time: “Our first goal is not far from reality, so it definitely will not be in 2025. If God allows us, I hope it will be this year, at the most next year, the idea is not to delay it. Everything is as God allows and directs,” he said.

Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco could get married very soon. Source: Instagram.

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Would Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco have a televised wedding?

After confirming that if they plan to get married at some point, even if they did not have an agreed date, it was the former member of “Alma Bella” who said that before finalizing the plans, he first has to receive the long-awaited engagement ring.

The request of Pamela Franco did not prevent christian dominguez He was moved to say that he was so excited about the subject that he did not rule out having a wedding that would be televised on América TV because it would still receive criticism.

“So I’m not going to spend a penny, we have said if they are going to criticize us, paying or not paying, we better not pay. It’s not even stupid, the paper comes out tomorrow, the next day we get married. Very happy to transmit it, “commented the actor of “My love the wachimán”.