Why did Dr. Fong blame Sheyla Rojas for her facial paralysis after cosmetic surgery?

The well-known plastic surgeon Victor Fong, better known as Dr. Fong, is in the public eye after Maricielo Effio accused him of deforming his abdomen due to malpractice. However, the doctor came out to defend himself and explained what would have happened to the dancer.

What is certain is that it is not the first time that the surgeon has gone through this type of accusation. Well, in March 2022, Sheyla Rojas He suffered easy paralysis while undergoing double chin liposuction with said doctor, but why did he blame the model for what happened? In the following lines we tell you.

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Doctor Fong blames Sheyla Rojas for her facial paralysis

As you remember, the former reality girl ended up with a deformed mouth and could not make gestures. This immediately alarmed her followers and the entire Peruvian show business.

“I had a very severe inflammatory process. At first I couldn’t even eat. It was very inflamed. In fact, I said ‘I never do myself again, I don’t want to know anything’. Cured, I don’t want to know anything, if my feet, legs, arms and face inflamed a lot, “said the influencer in the program.america today‘.

Back then, the doctor Victor Fong He also blamed the Peruvian model for how she looked at the time, with disastrous results that deformed her face.

Dr. Fong just called because he doesn’t agree that it’s the doctor’s responsibility, but rather says that in the case of Sheyla Rojas it is the entire responsibility of Sheyla Rojas”, indicated Ethel Pozo.

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Because Sheyla Rojas did not file charges against Víctor Fong

Despite the fact that the popularshey shey‘ showed his discomfort in front of cameras, he did not decide to take legal action against the surgeon. “If the doctor says that, well, obviously it’s already in him. I am with my therapy and I feel that I am improving ”, he added, ending the controversy.

Given this, the former member of “This is war” He promised that he no longer plans to undergo one more operation on his face because he fears putting his health at risk.

“I said, ‘I never do anything to myself again.’ I don’t want to know anything (about operations). I got swollen feet, arms and face. (…) She closed up to my larynx, I thought it was an allergy. It was horrible. I don’t want to have surgery again, ”she added.

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What advice did Gigi Miter and Susy Díaz give Sheyla Rojas for her new operation?

The classmate of rodrigo gonzalez, Gigi MiterHe took advantage of his program in Willax to give his opinion and offer advice to the influencer after his new ‘tweak’.

“We cannot normalize the excesses in treatments and surgeries,” said the host of Amor y fuego. Then she turned to the doctor who treated her: “You have to take into account the number of times in the end, instead of making you prettier, it takes its toll on you. Sheyla is going to end up deformed if she keeps making ‘pods’”.

On the other hand, the popular susy diaz He also gave advice to ‘Shey Shey’because she did not ensure that she was the first person to go through this situation and encouraged her by telling her that soon her face will look like before.

“As time passes, the substance is diluted and everything returns to normal. I remember that one day I also injected myself into my forehead to erase my wrinkles and my eyebrows a little more and they stuck to my hair. These are things that happen, but as time goes by, your mouth will adjust. Don’t be scared,” he said. susy diaz to the Trome newspaper.