Why did Duilio Vallebuona and Michela Elías end their romance, which began in “Combate”?

“Combat” caused great fury in the Peruvian audience for almost a decade. The game show is considered one of the pioneers in television reality shows and was the direct competition of “Esto es guerra” for several years.

In addition to clashes between the red and green teams, the television set was also the origin of several romances, some of which continue to this day, such as Julián and Yiddá, but unfortunately others ended in a short weather. One of the most famous was the relationship between Duilio Vallebuona and Michela Elias.

love between duilio vallebuona and Michela Elías was born in the “Combate” facilities in 2017 and they were one of the favorite couples of reality fans. However, the relationship ended a year later amid speculation about an alleged infidelity on the part of the athlete, which was confirmed by the model.

“That ended badly because he turned me around with a candidate for Miss Peru. (…) The girl calls me to tell me and tells me: ‘I thought he was going to tell you. I have seen that they are still together and I am sorry that you are with someone who is lying to you.’ And he was right next to me, so I put the call on loudspeaker,” said the influencer.

After announcing the breakup, Duilio and Michela They continued to participate in “Combate” and sometimes hinted at each other, but some time later both withdrew from the television space. It was not until 2020, in the program “En boca de todos”, that both met face to face.