Why did Fabianne Hayashida quit being a plane crew member? [VIDEO]

He told everything. The ex-participant of “Combate”, Fabianne Hayashida, told her followers about TikTok that she had decided to give up continuing to work as an airline crew member because she felt exhausted and his life depended on his working hours, leaving aside his personal and marital life. What happened? Here we tell you everything.

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Fabianne Hayashida: Why did you quit being a crew member?

The Chinese little girl’ Fabianne Hayashida She confessed that she had to ask God for a sign that would help her confirm whether she should resign or endure because of the passion she felt for her career and after being treated in a way that she did not see fit because she was doing things well at work, she did not. He thought more and said goodbye.

“I get on the fleet and a person treats me super bad, he made me feel humiliated, I really didn’t deserve it. I am sensitive and I said to myself ‘I don’t deserve this, I work well, I’m not here for someone to come and treat me like that’. That was a message from God to make the decision and not postpone it,” he confessed. Fabianne Hayashida in your account TikTok.

Her doubts began when she was tired because she had her own ventures and was not around to keep a close eye on them. To this she added that she is married and she felt that she could not give her partner time, but after the treatment she received at work and a small foot accident, she said goodbye to her.

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Fabianne Hayashida: How did you announce your resignation?

After several tours as a plane crew member, the ex-chica reality Fabianne Hayashida She decided to step aside and give up being an airline worker, but to the surprise of many, she appeared quite calm on her social networks about the decision she had made.

“Friends, I resigned, I am no longer a cabin crew member, I am in my heart, but not at work. I left and you know that I went into a state of stress, I could no longer give my life,” he announced with a big smile on his face. Fabianne Hayashidaunable to hide his excitement at leaving his life as a plane crew member.

“My life depended on the airline and I had to comply as a worker. I loved my job, it was my passion for many years and I made it, but its cycle ended,” he continued. Fabianne Hayashida to his followers, who did not hesitate to tell him that he looked radiant and it was a sign that it was a good decision.