Why did Georgina Rodríguez renew her closet in Saudi Arabia? Look at the before and after

The Spanish Georgina Rodriguez, in the company of Cristiano Ronaldo and his children, changed his life by moving to Saudi Arabia due to the signing of the Portuguese with Al-Nassr. The model, who had become a fashion icon for her constant attention-grabbing lookshas had to undergo a change of style as a mark of respect during his stay in Saudi Arabia.

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Why did Georgina Rodríguez change her way of dressing when she arrived in Saudi Arabia?

This 2023 has been a different year for Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo, as it began with an important change: their move to Saudi Arabia after the footballer was signed by the Al Nassr team.

The model not only changed her daily life, but also her style, as she has become attached to the strict dress code in the Muslim country to respect their more conservative culture.

In this country, local rules require both men and women to dress in a “modest” mannerwhere they indicate that tight-fitting garments or those with offensive image prints or language should be avoided.

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Georgina Rodríguez must conform to the strict dress code in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Panorama Web

Will Georgina Rodríguez not dress like before?

From the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation indicated that the customs and social uses of Saudi society impose a series of rules that must be respected.

Therefore, the beautiful Georgina he had to renew his closet Well, the now foreigner, dresses in long garments in the Muslim country. The model has gone from using her striking necklines to wearing clothes that cover a large part of her body.

However, it is known that inside her house, the 28-year-old influencer will be able to continue wearing the clothes she wants.

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This is how Georgina Rodríguez dressed before living in Saudi Arabia. Photo: CompositionLR/Vanitatis/ElNacional.cat/Flash