Why did Jessica Newton dismiss Samantha Batallanos as Miss Grand Peru 2020?

Samantha Batallanos He has monopolized several covers of shows after the ampay broadcast by Magaly Medina in which he is seen kissing Jonathan Maicelo and a day later the ex-reality boy Duilio Vallebuona.

Samantha Batallanos was born in Lima 27 years ago and from a very young age she demonstrated her talents for modeling. When she was 15 years old, she began to participate in beauty pageants, but it was not until 2019 that she gained popularity by participating in Miss Peru, and she was crowned Miss Grand Peru 2021.

The Miss Grand International It is a beauty contest in which representatives from different parts of the world meet to determine the winner of the crown. In Peru, Jessica Newton is in charge of determining Miss Grand Peru and accompanying her throughout the preparation process to arrive in the best conditions for the pageant. However, in the 2020 edition, a controversy arose over the dismissal of Samantha Batallanos.

In 2019, Samantha Batallanos was established as Miss Grand Peru and had to represent the bicolor at the Miss Grand International 2020.

However, just hours before the contest, the Miss Peru Organization, directed by Jessica Newton, announced through her official Instagram account that a statement would be released on her YouTube channel in the next few minutes. In said message it was specified that Maricielo Gamarra, who was part of the top 3 of the last edition of Miss Peru, would be the official representative in Miss Grand International 2020.

Although the ex-beauty queen never revealed the reasons for the sudden change, it was revealed that Batallanos was asked to lose weight in the regulations, but failed to meet the goal.

“This year we promised to arrive with a confident candidate ready to compete for the crown. Many did not pay attention when I said that whoever takes the Peruvian band to a Grand Slam is because she was convinced that she was in the best condition and ready to fight for the crown in any of the 3 international scenarios”, Jessica specified.