Why did Marc Anthony make strange movements with his mouth during concert?

Marc Anthony has captured the attention of the press and netizens too much. The Puerto Rican singer is one of the highest representatives of the salsa genre in the world. That is why it was no coincidence that one of his latest appearances has stolen the eyes of thousands of internet users. The Puerto Rican artist was caught performing the song “Soy yo” in the middle of a concert when, suddenly, his mouth began to move in a very singular way, a fact that ended up worrying his followers.

Also, the video in which Marc Anthony has an appearance dates from last December 11, where the salsa singer looks a little worn and thinner, so speculation about a possible illness in the artist did not take long to appear.

Hours after the particular event, the close environment of the interpreter of “And there was someone” spoke with the press to reveal some details about what really happened.

Blanca Lasalle, media representative of the salsa singer put an end to the assumptions and questions that arose from the broadcast of the audiovisual clip.

In a written statement for the Primer Hora site, he clarified: “He is fabulously healthy and the reality of some moves is that he was making gesture pranks on some of his friends in the front row. That’s it”.

In the same way, he added that at the moment Marc Anthony is enjoying his vacation with his loved ones, so his fans do not have to worry about the singer, because the viral video was not about something more than a hilarious game between artist and audience.