Why did old iPhones have a little square on their home button?

If you are a fan of the products of Manzana and you’ve been buying the new iPhone for years, surely you remember that the first models came with a physical button (home button) at the bottom of the screen. Although it was something that characterized apple phones, the company founded by Steve Jobs decided to remove it when it introduced the iPhone X in September 2017.

You may not remember it, but the home button that was present in the first Apple phones (up to the iPhone 5) had a small box in the center. For many years, this detail went unnoticed by most users, who only noticed its absence when those from Cupertino stopped including it in the home buttons of their new equipment.

The iPhone home button was maintained until 2017, when Manzana surprised everyone by presenting two cell phones: the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Due to the fact that the first one had a design quite similar to its predecessors, it did not have much repercussion; it even recorded few sales. Most apple fans preferred the second team as it represented a total makeover.

Why was there a square on the home button on old iPhones?

As detailed by Smart Bros, the home button of the first iPhone it had a little square because Apple wanted users to associate it with the icons you saw on the phone screen, which also had the same design. In this way, if you pressed that physical button, it would automatically take you to the start with all your available applications.