Why did Vanessa Terkes and Raúl Tola END THEIR LOVING RELATIONSHIP? [VIDEO]

Among the loves of Vanessa Terkes we can find many well-known names both from the world of entertainment, from politics and of the footballbut he also had a notorious affair with a well-known man from the press, we are talking about Raul Tola. That is why in this note The popular We will tell you a little more about how this romance began and ended.

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Why did Vanessa Terkes and Raúl Tola end their romance?

As we mentioned above, the Peruvian actress surprised her fans by revealing back in 2005 that she was in love with the journalist Raul Tola. The relationship lasted a little over two years, but it ended amid serious rumors of infidelity.

“I’m not with him anymore, but I want him to be super. Now I’m alone and in love with life”, that’s how the actress and interpreter Vanessa Terkes ended her romance with the news presenter. It should be noted that before this news, “Terkes” was captured as Plutarco Haza, but she assured that at that time they were separated and that the real cause of their breakup was “incompatibility problems”.

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Did Vanessa Terkes remember marriage to George Forsyth?

After being invited to the On everyone’s lipsthe actress recalled some of her relationships from the past, including the one she had and that led to marriage with George Forsyth and he made it more than clear that now he prefers the “maduritos” before the question that Tula Rodríguez asked him: “You have been with a consecrated chibolo, what did you learn from that relationship? Do you prefer the older ones or the mature ones?”, questioned the presenter .

Given this and as we had already told you, she distanced herself from future conquests and assured that she prefers her partner to be older than her: “Chibolo, Chibolo was not either, three years younger than me, it is not counted, but I prefer them older than that what they call gentlemen”, commented Vanessa Terkes.