Why do modern phones no longer have the headphone jack?

3.5 audio input mm is about to be erased from the map, and it is that the measure that Motorola invented, and that Apple made fashionable, is already a reality for many high-end smartphones. However, there is more than one reason that has led phone manufacturers to make this decision. Which are? Here we tell you.

As is known, technology is constantly evolving after some time some features become obsolete in smartphones. After the disappearance of the removable batteries, the start button and the FM Radio the same will happen with the audio jack which has already been completely removed on premium mobiles.

With the arrival of iPhone 7 Manzana permanently eliminated the headphone jack. Therefore, later other manufacturers such as Samsung also decided to eliminate the audio jack on their premium phones. However, there is more than one reason for this decision by the companies. These are as follows:

Better looking phones

According to the specialized portal Xataka, one of the main reasons for eliminating the headphone jack is in favor of the design and integration of other hardware elements, thanks to the space left by the plug. In addition, many manufacturers save the cost of this connector, while finding a clear justification for not including headphones.

Marketing strategy

The elimination of the headphone port on high-end phones would respond to a marketing strategy to sell the wireless headphones offered by brands such as the Airpods of Manzana and the Galaxy Buds of Samsung.

Not everyone may be a fan of this type of wireless device, because it takes time to charge, the connection can be suddenly interrupted and it is very easy to leave it anywhere. However, they will inevitably be present in all smartphones in the future.

A tougher phone

Manufacturers increasingly focus their efforts on developing devices that can withstand different types of situations, so they have considered that possible weak points should be eliminated. The audio jack It is a sensitive area of ​​the smartphone since water or another type of liquid could enter through that hole that could damage it.