Why do Susy Díaz and Monique Pardo have a bad relationship? Know the origin of their enmity

susy diaz sent a notarized letter to Monique Pardo to ask her to rectify herself after she insinuated that the extortion messages she received involved her. This is not the first time that the Peruvian stars They face each other in front of the cameras, since they have had a bad relationship for years due to various controversies that even involve infidelity.

Next, we will tell you the origin of the enmity of the women of chollywood dearest of Peru.

YOU CAN SEE: Susy Díaz sends a notarized letter to Monique Pardo for relating her to extortion of which she is a victim

Why do Susy Díaz and Monique Pardo get along badly?

It all would have started when Monique Pardo had an affair with the late Creole singer, Augusto Polo Campos, when he was still married to Susy Díaz. According to the interpreter of “Caramelo”, the Creole courted her and later they became her lovers.

“He was an incredible man. I didn’t like him as a couple, but I did like him as a lover. He took me to the Costa Verde restaurant and in that he begins to take out wads of bills, throws them on the floor and puts them on the carpet. I was dying of shame. That’s when I realized that with this no, it’s better secretly,” Pardo told the now-defunct program “El valor de la verdad.”

The redheaded star’s revelations sparked controversy, since it had never been confirmed that she had a clandestine relationship with the author of “With You Peru” until then. Susy Díaz also revealed that she always knew about her husband’s infidelity.

Monique Pardo and Augusto Polo Campos had an affair while he was married to Susy Díaz. Photo: Andina/ATV Capture

“She knew we had a daughter and we were a family, but she didn’t care. At that time there were only landlines and she called every so often looking for him; she ruined my relationship with Augusto. What I can say is that he wasn’t looking for her, It was Monique who called him insistently,” the former congresswoman told El Popular.

In this line, the mother of Flor Polo Díaz highlighted that “in show business there are no friends.” “Friends take away your husband, money and work, that happened with Monique. She posed as my friend to take Augusto to her house,” she declared in an interview with El Popular.