Why does Merly Morello call Álex Béjar her girlfriend and what is their relationship?

The actress Merly Morello He moved the social networks with several publications that created more than one question to his followers. And it is that this time, Lily from De Vuelta al Barrio visited Spain and met Álex Béjar.

However, the networks were shaken when Merly introduced Laia from Al fondo hay sitio as her “girlfriend” in Instagram and TikTok posts. As a result, many came out to say that it was a romance.

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What relationship does Álex Béjar have with Merly Morello?

The name of the Spanish actress began to sound strongly after Merly Morello introduce her as his “girlfriend”.

After various rumors of a possible relationship between the two, it was the Peruvian who came out to clarify that it is a word that both use of affection but it is a strong friendship.

“Amix, Alex and I are very good friends. We call each other a girlfriend, because we were girlfriends in the movie we recorded this year, ”she explained.

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How did Merly Morello’s friendship with Álex Béjar begin?

They met while filming for the movie. “A day to fall in love”, in which they played a couple. From that moment they formed a strong friendship that has been maintained throughout all this time.

Álex Béjar revealed that Merly was a key player during her preparation for the role of Laia in Al fondo hay sitio. Before, she had worked in the famous Netflix series “Elite”, with a small role that revealed her talent to the world.

“With Merly, incredible because she made it very easy for me. She has been on television for years, so she has a lot of experience and she knew how to help me, guide, she taught me Peru, what is done at night, during the day, plans, ”said Álex.

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What is the new production in which Álex Béjar and Merly Morello will be?

Both actresses are part of the new tape “A retreat to fall in love” that will be released this 2023. They will share the roles of monica and Carlatwo in love, for this reason they were calling each other girlfriends off the set.

The film is a Peruvian-Spanish production, so it will have a national and international cast. Figures such as Mónica Torres, Andrea Luna, Américo Zúñiga, Pedro Ibañez and Alicia Mercado will shine.

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Álex Béjar defends his participation in “Al fondo hay sitio”

Álex shared a tiktok with Jorge Guerra (Jimmy) and Guadalupe Farfan (July). However, he did not expect his own followers to question having left the Netflix production for América Televisión.

“From Netflix to ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ something doesn’t add up, it must have been the other way around from TV to Netflix,” commented one user.

To this, the interpreter of Laia responded forcefully: “You don’t have to close doors. Also, making a career in Peru is top.”

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Who is Alex Bejar?

The 24-year-old Spanish actress has been a “boom” on Peruvian television, as she belonged to one of the most watched series on Netflix, where she shared scenes with Danna Paola and the other protagonists.

In addition, since his participation in Al fondo hay sitio as Laia, Cristóbal’s girlfriend, it is expected that his career will continue to grow constantly and go far thanks to his acting talent.