Why does your phone’s fingerprint reader fail and what to do to fix it?

The fingerprint reader is a security mechanism present in modern Android phones. Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Oppo, Realme, among other brands, usually include this sensor in their smartphones. Although some place it on the back or side of the equipment, most brands include it at the bottom of the screen.

A problem that many users of these devices have detected, especially those that have the fingerprint reader on the screen, is that this sensor tends to fail a lot, forcing them to use other mechanisms to unlock, such as facial recognition, the Security PIN, pattern. What are these problems? Here we will tell you.

Although this damage is usually due to a factory problem, which can only be fixed by a specialized technician, in some cases it arises from situations that you could easily fix. For example, if you are one of those who has the habit of picking up your cell phone with your wet handsyou should know that this will make the sensor not recognize your fingerprint well.

The best thing is that, before unlocking your smartphone with your fingerprint, you make sure that your hands are dry. Another reason for sensor failure has to do with the protective mica that you are using. It may be too dirty or not sensitive enough, so it’s best to remove it and try without it.

Finally, another way to fix this type of damage is removing your fingerprint from the phone and re-registering it. Most devices allow you to add more than one fingerprint, so be sure to enter both thumbs and additional fingers. If there is still no solution, it is best to take the terminal to a specialized technician (if it is recent) or change it if it is old.