Why doesn’t Juliana Oxenford speak to her sister Lucia, Yvonne Frayssinet’s daughter?

The driver Juliana Y Lucia Oxenford They are half-sisters and have made it clear on more than one occasion that there is a distance between them that they have maintained for years. Juliana is dedicated to journalism while Lucia served as an actress. But very little is known about their family relationship.

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The young actress opened the questions for her fans and most of her followers wanted to know her opinion regarding her older sister. But it was a user on his official Instagram account who asked: “Don’t you have a good relationship with Juliana? ”. Evidencing her annoyance, Lucia Oxenford who responded in this way.

Juliana Oxenford clarifies what kind of relationship she has with her sister Lucía Oxenford

Juliana Oxenford contacted Magaly Medina to talk a little about everything; However, for the ‘Urraca’ it was inevitable to ask her about the relationship she has with her sister Lucía Oxenford, who revealed that she does not maintain communication with an ATV journalist, because she stays away from her family.

Uliana assured that she does not prefer to go into details, since her father Marcelo oxenford He came out to talk about her after revealing that they had no relationship despite the blood ties.

Juliana Oxenford blamed her father for abandoning her

Lucia Oxenford He confessed that he has no communication with his sister Juliana Oxenford, sparking controversy among his followers. However, it is not the first time that the model has spoken out about her half sister. In August 2017, the family exposed an internal problem, this after the journalist revealed that her father did not help her when she started studying for a degree.

“We all have problems, but these are fixed on 4 walls, not with a microphone or sitting in a program, unless you have the need for everyone to listen to you and look at you,” said the young actress at that time.