Why don’t iPhones show the ‘reject call’ button on some occasions?

When you receive a call on an Android phone, be it Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola or another brand, two buttons will always appear on the screen. One in green to answer and one in red to reject it. Although iPhones also show these options, on certain occasions the second button does not appear. For what is this? Here we reveal the mystery.

On the internet, there are several theories (some quite curious) as to why the ‘reject call’ button on iPhones does not appear on certain occasions. For example, some users claim that it was because the Apple phone is on a low battery. If you are one of those who believed that, you are very wrong, since the reasons are totally different.

As detailed by Computer Hoy, a specialized technology portal, this explanation is quite simple and is related to the state of the iPhone at the time the call was received. If the screen is unlocked, the user will see the green and red buttons; however, in the event that it is blocked, only a slider button will appear to answer.

Can’t reject calls when iPhone is unlocked?

Although the ‘reject call’ button does not appear when the iPhone is in lock screen, that does not mean that users cannot use it. Currently, there is a trick which allows it to appear. In this way, the person will be able to cancel the communication and will not have to wait for their phone to finish ringing. Here we show you.

According to the publication, in order for the green and red buttons to appear on the screen, even if the iPhone is locked, it is necessary for the user to double-click the ‘Lock and unlock’ button. When doing so, the device developed by Apple will show both options, including the one that allows you to reject the incoming call.